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Events for dogs and their humans!

Tail Trails at Home Challenge Series

Results from Challenge #1 can be found at the bottom of this page.

Challenge #2 – The Dog Limbo Challenge

What you need: Limbo (a stick/cane/broom over chairs/pans or whatever you can find), a stopwatch & a fun-loving dog!
The challenge: Your dog has 60 seconds to complete as many limbo’s as possible. After each limbo your dog must sit before they can commence the next limbo.
If scores are close (or there is a tie) then the dogs who got the lowest under the limbo compared to their height will get extra credit!
There is also a prize for the dog that make us smile the most. To be honest this is all really just for fun so enjoy yourselves!

Submit your score here.

Please also post video and/or photos on to the thread on our FB page – this really helps us get people to know about Tail Trails. Thanks.

Look out for challenge #3 soon…have fun!

Results from Challenge #1 (the sprint challenge):

Tail Trails @ Home Challenge